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 Sorry at this time we are not taking any orders.  All our sides of beef are reserved.
 MLJ Ranch
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This is what it is all about.  Producing the best beef eating experience.


Expected cuts from 1/4 side of beef.  Steaks cut 1 inch thick hamburger wrapped in 1 lb packages. 

Arm Roast 2
Beef Shank 1
Chuck Roast 2
Chuck Steak 4
Cube Steak 6
Flank Steak 2
Hamburger 20 1lb packages
Heal of round Roast 1
New York Steak 7
Rib Steak 6
Round Steak 6
Rump Roast 1
Short Ribs 2 Packages
Sirlion Steak 6
Sirloin Tip Steak 4
Soup bones 3 Packages
Stew Meat 2 Packages
Tender loin 6